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Used Needle Removal

Used and discarded syringes, hypodermic needles and sharps are a threat which, in our towns, villages and cities, can be just around the corner.

Discarded needles can pose a significant health risk if not handled and disposed of correctly.  At risk groups will often share needles and due to their living conditions and behaviours there can be diseases such as HEP B, HEP C and HIV present.

From experience, syringes, hypodermic needles and sharps can be found anywhere, including parks, children’s play areas, residential areas, car parks, derelict buildings and public spaces to name a few – the places that someone may put their hand without a second thought. 

CCG Services Sharps Removal service includes:

  • Carrying out a site visit and completing risk assessments prior to commencing any work

  • Carrying out ad-hoc or regular needle sweeps of site(s)

  • Removing needles and sharps waste safely

  • Disinfecting affected areas using medical grade disinfectant and Anti- Viricidal. 

  • Disposing of needles, sharps, and medical waste legally

  • Production of an ‘end of day’ report including photographic evidence of all finds during visit.

CCG Services Sharps Removal service Is used by: 

  • Housing Associations

  • Facilities Management companies

  • Lettings and Managing Agents

  • Private landlords

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Establishments

  • Construction and Demolition companies

You can be assured that our professionally trained technicians have all the necessary knowledge in the safe removal & disposal of syringes, sharps, hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia.

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