Graffiti has long been considered an act of vandalism that signifies urban decay and can lower property values in an area. Therefore, most governments have seen graffiti as detrimental, and have outlawed the practice. However, due to most instances of graffiti occurring in public spaces, local governments and affected businesses are responsible for graffiti removal in order to maintain the beautification of their local areas and outdoor spaces.

With our Commercial Cleaning service.

We aim for four controllable factors when removing graffiti.

  • Time – The longer the contact time the deeper our graffiti remover will penetrate. The more sensitive the surface the shorter the time the graffiti product is on the surface.

  • Temperature – Warmer weather speeds up the rate in which the graffiti remover products operate.

  • Agitation – Our graffiti removal products are applied by means of hard bristled brushes or scourers, these assist in breaking the bond between the graffiti and the surface. 

  • Chemical – Using the right chemical for the task at hand. All rinsed away by using a hot water pressure washing system.

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